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Welcome to Tempest's.
The reason why this page is in existence is half to serve a real purpose and half for just the fun of it. :)

The "OPSA Office" is to provide some information and downloads concerning uniforms and medals of the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. As my job as Assistant to the Operations Officer (OPSA) includes processing squadron patches, I have made up a little guide how to create and submit them, including some examples.

The "TTT" section is home to my uniform creation utility for the TC.

Under "TIE Fighter", you'll find some programs that might be useful for running that ancient but great game on modern machines, some music from the game, a mission I made, and stuff like that.

The "Graphics" section is - how did you guess? - a showcase of pictures I made, mostly for the EH, but also a few others. Yeah, it's mostly an ego-trip saying "hey, look what I did", but well, it's my site. :)
There is also a small collection of 3D models, some of them, like the EH's official logo, you might find useful in case you make graphics for the EH yourself.

And that's pretty much it. If you have comments, feel free to contact me, it's always nice for a webmaster to hear that a living soul has actually visited his site. :)

I hope you enjoy your stay.

LC Tempest