Operations Manual of the Emperor's Hammer
Operations Manual Contents

Proceedures & Regulations
Award Recommendation & Approval
Award Authority Requirements
Design Submission & Approval
Identification Lines

Awards & Decorations
Medals of the Emperor's Hammer
Unit Citations & Miscellaneous
Medal & Award Abbrevitions

Uniform Regulations
General Uniform Regulations
TIE Pilot Flightsuit
Standard Duty Uniform
Full Dress Uniform
Merit Medals - 1st Class
Medal of Honor - MoH

Merit Medals - 2nd Class
Imperial Cross - IC
Order of Renegade - OoR
Grand Order of the Emperor - GOE

Merit Medals - 3rd Class
Gold Star - GS
Silver Star - SS
Bronze Star - BS
Palpatine Crescent - PC
Imperial Security Medal - ISM

Service Medals
Medal of Tactics - MoT
Medal of Tactics with a Green Hammer - MoT-GH
Medal of Tactics with a Red Hammer - MoT-RH
Medal of Tactics with a Blue Hammer - MoT-BH

Medal of Instruction - MoI
Medal of Instruction with Diamond Cross - MoI-DC
Medal of Instruction with Platininum Cross - MoI-PC
Medal of Instruction with Emerald Cross - MoI-GC
Medal of Instruction with Gold Cross - MoI-GC
Medal of Instruction with Blue Cross - MoT-BC

   Iron Star with Bronze Wings - IS-BW
Iron Star with Silver Wings - IS-SW
Iron Star with Gold Wings - IS-GW
Iron Star with Platinum Wings - IS-PW
Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon - IS-BR
Iron Star with Silver Ribbon - IS-SR
Iron Star with Gold Ribbon - IS-GR
Iron Star with Platinum Ribbon - IS-PR

Distinguished Flying Cross - DFC
Distinguished Flying Cross with Gold Wing - DFC-GW
Distinguished Flying Cross with Silver Wing - DFC-SW
Distinguished Flying Cross with Bronze Wing - DFC-BW

Legion of Combat - LoC
Legion of Combat - LoC with Platinum Scimitar - LoC-PS
Legion of Combat - LoC with Rubidium Scimitar - LoC-RS
Legion of Combat - LoC with Thallium Scimitar - LoC-TS
Legion of Combat - LoC with Iridium Scimitar - LoC-IS
Legion of Combat - LoC with - Copper Scimtar - LoC-CS

Medal of Communications with Diamond Oak Cluster - MoC-DoC
Medal of Communications with Platinum Oak Cluster - MoC-PoC
Medal of Communications with Gold Oak Cluster - MoC-GoC
Medal of Communications with Silver Oak Cluster - MoC-SoC
Medal of Communications with Bronze Oak Cluster - MoC-BoC

Commendation of Service - CoS
Commendation of Excellence - CoE
Commendation of Loyalty - CoL
Commendation of Bravery - CoB
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