Operations Manual of the Emperor's Hammer
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Awards & Decorations
Medals of the Emperor's Hammer
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Uniform Regulations
General Uniform Regulations
TIE Pilot Flightsuit
Standard Duty Uniform
Full Dress Uniform
Identification Lines - Identification Lines are to be used in every communiqué that has anything to do with the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. They are basic lines of text that provide information describing what rank and position a member holds, as well was what Squadron, Wing and Vessel they are assigned to. See the example below for the layout.

It can be seen from the above that this particular pilot, a Lieutenant Commander named Anonymous, is a Flight Member in the third position of Flight Two of Alpha Squadron, of Wing I, which is based on the Sovereign Class Super Star Destroyer Sovereign, the flagship of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. The above Identification Line also indicates that Lieutenant Commander Anonymous has been awarded the Palpatine Crescent once, and the Imperial Security Medal twice. Now a more complex example is displayed below.

From the above it can be seen that Vice Admiral Khaine is the Command Attache to the Operations Officer, and has recieved a fair number of medals. Note that medals are listed in order of most valuable to least valuable. Secondly, this individual has also passed a number of Imperial Weapons and Tactics School courses, which are listed after the medals. For a full list of IWATS abbreviations, see the Training Office. Also, note that the individual's Fleet Commander's Honour Guard ranking, in this case Centurion, is listed in square brackets after the vessel, though it can also be found following the medals and preceeding the IWATS courses. Please note that an Identification line will, with time, grow to an unmanagable length and it is common to place the Medals and/or IWATS courses on a separate line from the main identification section.
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