Operations Manual of the Emperor's Hammer
Operations Manual Contents

Proceedures & Regulations
Award Recommendation & Approval
Award Authority Requirements
Design Submission & Approval
Identification Lines

Awards & Decorations
Medals of the Emperor's Hammer
Unit Citations & Miscellaneous
Medal & Award Abbrevitions

Uniform Regulations
General Uniform Regulations
TIE Pilot Flightsuit
Standard Duty Uniform
Full Dress Uniform
Operations Manual - Medals and Awards - The Emperor's Hammer has a multitide of medals and awards to recognise those members who perform above and beyond the call of duty. These are divided in to three basic groupings. Merit Awards recognise distinguished service to the Emperor's Hammer, and are divided into three classes. Service Awards recognise excellent performance in a variety of categories. Finally, Commendations recognise the completion of fixed objectives, as well as meritous service. Please choose an item from the from the listing for furthur information.

Merit Awards - First Class
Medal of Honour

Merit Awards - Second Class
Imperial Cross - Order of the Renegade - Grand Order of the Emperor

Merit Awards - Third Class
Gold Star of the Empire - Silver Star of the Empire - Bronze Star of the Empire
Palpatine Crescent - Imperial Security Medal

Service Awards
Medal of Tactics - Medal of Instruction - Medal of Communication - Order of the Vanguard
Iron Star - Distinguished Flying Cross - Legion of Combat

Commendations and Miscellaneous
Letter of Achievement - Commendations of Loyalty, Bravery, Excellence and Service - Medal of Allegiance
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