Operations Manual of the Emperor's Hammer
Operations Manual Contents

Proceedures & Regulations
Award Recommendation & Approval
Award Authority Requirements
Design Submission & Approval
Identification Lines

Awards & Decorations
Medals of the Emperor's Hammer
Unit Citations & Miscellaneous
Medal & Award Abbrevitions

Uniform Regulations
General Uniform Regulations
TIE Pilot Flightsuit
Standard Duty Uniform
Full Dress Uniform
Standard Duty Uniform - This Uniform is to be worn by all Emperor's Hammer Officers while on duty aboard any vessel of the Emperor's Hammer, excepting Starfighters in which case it is usual to wear the flightsuit, and also for light official functions that do not require the wearing of Ceremonial or Full Dress.
Description - Green-Grey Imperial Naval Uniform Jacket, for all ranks and personnel.

Insignia - Rank Badge on left breast, Position Badge on left collar. Pilot's Wings placed on left breast, FCHG Insignia on right.

Decorations - Ribbons of Merit medals, Service medals & Mission Service Stars, placed above Rank Badge.

Miscellaneous - Standard Issue sidearm placed on right hip, permitted by discretion.
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