Operations Manual of the Emperor's Hammer
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Proceedures & Regulations
Award Recommendation & Approval
Award Authority Requirements
Design Submission & Approval
Identification Lines

Awards & Decorations
Medals of the Emperor's Hammer
Unit Citations & Miscellaneous
Medal & Award Abbrevitions

Uniform Regulations
General Uniform Regulations
TIE Pilot Flightsuit
Standard Duty Uniform
Full Dress Uniform
Unit Citations of the Emperor's Hammer - There are several citations awarded to Squadrons, Wings and Vessels of the Emperor's Hammer, for a variety of achievements.

Fleet Commander's Banner - This citation is awarded by the Fleet Commander's to the unit of the Emperor's Hammer that have shown themselves to be superior to all others in the Fleet. The Fleet Commander will allow one unit within the Fleet the honor of carrying his personal banner for the next month. The award of the Fleet Commander's Banner entails a time-honored ceremony and is considered a great honor by the unit that earns it. This citation will be made only by the Fleet Commander on a monthly basis.

Ship Citation - This citation is awarded by the Fleet Commander, the Executive Officer or a BattleGroup Commander to a Ship of the Line, i.e. a capital ship listed on the official EH Fleet Order of Battle, that has distinguished itself in battle. This honor may be emblazoned on the colours of the Ship as a source of pride for Commodores past, present, and future.

Wing Commander's Award - This citation is given by a Commodore or Wing Commander to a Squadron that has shown itself worthy of such an honor. This award can be given as often as monthly and can be portrayed on the Squadron Banner. The squadron that receives it also earns the right to call itself The Commander's Own.

Squadron Citation - Squadrons must have at least 6 members to quality and 50% of members present at that time in the squadron must have completed a battle for a Squadron Citation to be awarded for that battle. If members leave the squadron and the number of pilots that have completed the battle drops below 50%, the squadron loses its citation for the said battle.
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